• Cameras
  • Networks
  • Control centre
  • Storage system


Digital Zoom Camera with Megapixel Technology Futures, cameras are designed with true color images of every scale, processing inside the camera by sensor and ICs, digital contrast enhancement, optimal exposure control and light compensation, zooming scale can reach to targets up to few kilometers or more, also day and night camera technology with automatically light sensitivity.

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Access Networks and Bandwidth, any broadband internet network from cable (DSL, Ethernet...) to wireless (WiFi, GSM, WLAN...) and satellite can be used to transmit camera images inexpensively, secured access to Control Centre and facilitated to access from a mobile as video phone, low network load by using efficient Video CODEC, by using buffering mechanism inside cameras, camera system just requires upload speed. Bandwidth just be required up to 1 Mbit/s at MPEG4.

Professional Telecoms and Network Projects
Offering of Telecoms network and internet broadband access design, installation and maintenance services and implementation of wired line CATx, copper wire, ADSL, fiber optic FTTx, wireless network: wimax and wifi, base station radio, antenna, tower and satellite system. Installation, commissioning and maintenance services and implementation of new building, hotel, office, industrial zone, university campus…

IP Camera Security Surveillance Services
Offering of Security Camera Surveillance design, installation, implementation and maintenance of large enterprises and Security firms. Camera selection, Monitoring Centers, Storage Systems and Facility Security Systems.

Telecoms and Information Technology Training
Offering of the training courses in field of telecoms & IT, aiming to installation, maintenance, deployment and development new technologies in wireless broadband internet such as Wimax, 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project), HSPA (High Speed Packet Access), LTE (Long Term Evolution) and IP based Cameras and Surveillance systems

Media Services
Offering of Voice & Video Solutions, Voip, SMS, IPTV & VoD, Video Conferencing. Offering of Business Ad. Designs and Website, WIS (Web Information Systems), Hosting and Domain Name Services, Email, FTP Server Services, Dynamic DNS, E-Commerce, E-Government , E-Learning Services.

Control centre

Control Centre and Monitoring Software, the security system provides integrated software that can operate an existing camera analog system with a digital system. Monitoring software is unlimited users and cameras and event based searches with time tracking for multiple cameras. Remote control and Remote Image Retrioval is standardized by using Web Browser. Monitoring Software is always updated to catch-up new camera technologies.

Storage system

Recording and Store System, long-term, high-performance Terabyte recording included. Event detection and ring buffer recording by the camera itself allow recording of 40 smooth video streams on a single PC server. For large server store systems and RAID disks, the storage capacity and reliability have virtually no limits and it all operates using inexpensive standard and readily available computer components.

Global alarming

Global Alarming, whether by email, SMS or telephone call, cameras can signal events to anywhere in the world. With the integrated sound channel, it is also possible to set up an audio connection in both directions - and the audio is lip-synchronized with the video images, regardless of whether the camera transmits 1 or 25 frames/s. This means that the sound recorded by the camera can also be delivered to the web browser via internet broadband.


Expanding the system at any time, each camera simply gets configured with the IP address of the Recording Server via menu entry along with the maximum directory size allocated for recording. This process has no limits with respect to the number of recording servers and cameras connected. For example, there might be 400 cameras distributed over 10 recording servers and this system can be expanded at any time, even after installation.