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WIMAX supplies telephone and PBX system, IP-Phone and Voip products enable the transportation of voice traffic over the internet thereby reducing infrastructure costs.  An IP-Centrex enables PBX features, such as call hold, call transfer, last number look-up and redial, call forward and three-way calling without the need to own expensive PBX systems.


In the near future, we will offer Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) enable the transport of high quality multimedia content from aerial and from the Internet together with our partners at VN. Customers can leverage on existing global Internet infrastructure, gain the opportunity to enter into the lucrative TV Pay-per-View segments with very low cost and compete successfully with established players like cable and satellite companies.

Professional Telecoms and Network Projects
Offering of Telecoms network and internet broadband access design, installation and maintenance services and implementation of wired line CATx, copper wire, ADSL, fiber optic FTTx, wireless network: wimax and wifi, base station radio, antenna, tower and satellite system. Installation, commissioning and maintenance services and implementation of new building, hotel, office, industrial zone, university campus…

IP Camera Security Surveillance Services
Offering of Security Camera Surveillance design, installation, implementation and maintenance of large enterprises and Security firms. Camera selection, Monitoring Centers, Storage Systems and Facility Security Systems.

Telecoms and Information Technology Training
Offering of the training courses in field of telecoms & IT, aiming to installation, maintenance, deployment and development new technologies in wireless broadband internet such as Wimax, 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project), HSPA (High Speed Packet Access), LTE (Long Term Evolution) and IP based Cameras and Surveillance systems

Media Services
Offering of Voice & Video Solutions, Voip, SMS, IPTV & VoD, Video Conferencing. Offering of Business Ad. Designs and Website, WIS (Web Information Systems), Hosting and Domain Name Services, Email, FTP Server Services, Dynamic DNS, E-Commerce, E-Government , E-Learning Services.

Video Conferencing

Through our state-of-the-art Video & Web Conferencing products, WIMAX offers the benefits of Video Conferencing with true VOIP Audio & Text Chat. Video Conferencing offers of low cost and works on PCs/Macs/Linux machines with Browser based. Multipoint Video Conferencing can see up to 10 people or more at the same time that an assortment of products designed for all individuals and businesses.

Internet Access Service

For the internet systems, more and more customers want to make calls, access mail, chat with friends and enjoy online services from the convenience of a hotel room or hotel premises, an unrestricted and extensive wired and wireless IP networks enable those activities. Network security and network acceleration are also supported by WIMAX for the total data and internet solution.

Video on Demand

WIMAX also offers Video on Demand (VOD) system that enables real-time delivery of high quality VOD content to the TV sets in each hotel room utilizing the Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure. VOD systems utilize video compression technologies; hotel operators can offer more choice of video content to their guest and respectively generate more VOD revenue.

Internet and Design Services

Web site, Email, FTP Server Services, E-Commerce and Portal services are supporting for many businesses, WIMAX offers to customers all these facilities to power the online applications from a headquarter to branches over internet of our business customers. WIMAX also offers Logo Ad., Brochure designs at a professional quality of 2D and 3D applications.