WIMAX COMMUNICATIONS is founded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs. WIMAX COMMUNICATIONS has an international presence from established operations to Connect and Communicate between Vietnam and Australia. The Headquarter is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. WIMAX COMMUNICATIONS is inherited from capabilities and experience of all board members who are entrepreneurs of currently or previous businesses in Australia and Vietnam. WIMAX COMMUNICATIONS has a vision and commitment to innovate and further develop our products and services to Vietnam.

Our co-oporation is becoming the very strong alliance of Australia Telecoms and Internet Service Providers in innovative technology of Satellite, Wireless, DSL Broadband, Voice over IP (Voip) Services and Value added Applications over our secure broadband networks. Those applications focus on network Infrastructure, network systems (LAN, WAN…) and specially IP surveillance systems for offices, businesses, farms, hotels, resorts.

Managing Director, Nguyen Quang Dinh, the former Director of CDC (Computer and DataNetworking Centre), Information Technology Project Manager and Network Administrator of Bluemaxx Communications and has been proposed System Manager for Ipstar Australia, who was known as one of pioneers for Vietnam Internet System in early October 1995 as involved in a national project team between VDC-VNPT, Vietnam and US Sprint, USA and was another project leader in planning and designing for Quang Trung Software Park 2000-2001. Mr. Quang Dinh has a wide capability and experience in Telecom, Information Technology and Management Information System.

Today, WIMAX VIETNAM is one of Vietnam’s principal independent organization is founded by key entrepreneurs above.


Listening carefully to your requirements, offering optimal our solutions and satisfying highest your needs.

Our vision is to provide innovative solutions to organizations desiring to enhance performance by effectively combining technology and new processes. Our experience, partnered with the best practice research, allows us opportunities that might be hidden from those working closely in the organization. Our visions are to see future technology and alliance strategies for implementation company mission not only national but international markets, to make this a fact.

Our mission is to bring innovative ways to connect and communicate among individuals and businesses. We transform ideas into action for competency development. Our approach to perform improvement is three steps; listening carefully your requirements, offering optimal our solutions and satisfying highest your results. Our time saving, cost effective services are customized for your organization’s identified needs. We custom design all of our products and services utilizing a variety of proven business.

The Board of Executive Management and the Director’s Board with extensive knowledge, experience and public relations on their previous and current businesses will enable it to offer a professional products and services in Vietnam.